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Welcome to Gux Chakalaka

Committed to the unique taste of South Africa

Welcome to Gux Chakalaka. Our main goal is to share our unique South African spicy vegetable relish that is perfect for any occasion. Chakalaka can be served as a salad, condiment or side dish. Growing up in Soweto, I learned at an early age to prepare this wholesome condiment. Chakalaka can be equally enjoyed by vegetarians/vegans and meat lovers.

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Our Background

Since being launched in 2020, the idea of GuxChakalaka begins in southeast Ohio sharing with friends or in numerous potlucks - a soccer mum then, or when gathering with my special women group, The Auxilliary. (Grown Black Women in Athens, Ohio). Since moving to Minnesota, it has been a great joy sharing with new friends and getting positive feedback. This experience inspired me even more to share the wholesome taste of South African relish with a larger community. This unique spicy relish is a blend of beans, vegetables, and spices. It is very common in braais or barbeques. It can be served with stews, curries, etc. It can be eaten with grains or bread or as a relish with chips, burgers, hotdogs, etc depending on your preference. Gux Chakalaka comes in Mild, Medium, Hot and Extra Hot depending on one's appreciation of taste and flavor.

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